Welcome to the home page for Bo Forsberg, Forsberg Biotech

My name is Bo Forsberg.

I provide expert advisory and lecturing in Downstream Processing for the Pharmaceutical industry worldwide and am part of networks in both Europe and Asia.

Challenges in manufacturing of bio-pharmaceutical drugs and trouble shooting in the same area is my drive and all kind of tasks appeal to me. Main focus for me is solving the challenges in large scale purification balancing purity, yield, CoG and legal demands as from FDA, EU, JP and others.

My main experience is in Chromatography and Tangential Flow Filtration. All from designing, handling and understanding of principles and equipment.

I have performed high tech service for several prominent biotech companies as for instance GE Healthcare, Astra Zeneca, Repligen, Novo Nordisk, BioInvent, Bio-Works, Hanbon and AGC Biologics. My last position was Senior Technology Specialist and Subject Matter Expert at AGC Biologics as internal technical advisor all through the company worldwide.

At the 28th of June 2018 I ended my time at AGC Biologics and am now consultant and full time available for universities and industries worldwide. Please walk through my homepage to explore my abilities to enhance your business. The information you can find in here is just examples/appetizers and you are free to contact me for any type of activities you are interested in assistance for.

My drive in continuing consulting is to be part of processes that will make a great difference for people world wide. For example processes that help people to survive critical conditions as cancer and other. My intention with the consulting is to find partners for short or long term but not for full time for months or years. What I see most coming my direction is trouble shooting, process development, process enhancement, process and equipment validation/qualification, column packing performance and teaching, technical process adaption to commercial scale, equipment setup and design tailor made for the process. adaptation to GMP, risk assessment, teaching in DSP...

External Role: Honorary Lecturer at Department of Biotechnical Engineering at University College, London, UCL.

- I yearly lecture in Chromatography within the MBI Modular Training for Bioprocess Industries at the Advanced Centre for Biochemical Engineering at University College, London, UCL.

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