Lectures to enhance your understanding and performance

I lecture in the below described tasks.

The lectures can be stand alone for better understanding and also part of a more comprehensive consultancy task for full control.

I also participate in the UCL (University College of London) MBI training module Chromatography yearly as Module Leader, Speaker and Specialist.

I can provide with Training Certificates suitable for relevant traing records.

#1 Downstream design

Design of equipment to meet the performance created by the unit operations. Mainly design of columns, chromatography skids and TFF skids.

#2 Process design

Design of process trains with dedicated steps for impurity removal in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

#3 Chromatography Basic

This lecture will give you a brief understanding of what chromatography is all about. Useful for new comers or for other related departments like for instance QA.

#4 IEX Chromatography

A deeper lecture for ion exchange chromatography mechanisms. Appropriate for downstream scientists in process development.

#5 HIC Chromatography

A deeper lecture for hydrophobic interaction chromatography mechanisms. Appropriate for downstream scientists in process development.

#6 Affinity Chromatography

A deeper lecture for affinity chromatography mechanisms. Appropriate for downstream scientists in process development.

#7 TFF

A deep lecture for the understanding of tangential flow filtration (= cross flow filtration). Appropriate for scientists and technicians designing TFF steps and running TFF operations.

#8 Column Packing

A two-step lecture for achieving well packed columns for long term packed bed stability.

This lecture has two parts.

  • Theoretical understanding appropriate for scientists in both development and manufacturing.
    • Column and resin combinations
    • Pressure flow in different scale
    • Critical flow
    • Packing technologies
  • Practical column packing sessions for Your task at hand, appropriate for both scientists and technicians in development and manufacturing.

#9 Resin lifetime validation

Fundamentals in resin lifetime validation.

  • Validation scope
  • Maintaining bed quality


Programming in UNICORN is conducted in two levels and for both Chromatography and TFF.

  • UNICORN program for Users and Administrators
  • Basic programming for Chromatography
  • Basic programming for TFF
  • Extended programming for Chromatography and TFF

#11... Dedicated Work Shops and other topics

Based on your needs I can create workshops for any needs you have in single unit operations or for full processes.

A work shop will include first a presentation of options and thereafter a workshop that will be performed in groups where the groups can either work on one and the same issue or solve different issues. Finally, each group will perform a presentation open for evaluation and discussions.