My main areas are:

My advises are a combination of science, large scale challenges and commercial aspects. This combination of different views are enhancing both process economy and safe manufacturing with patient safety as the prime focus.

#1 Column packing

The most common area I advise in is column packing.

I have encountered many different challenges in column packing and there is always a way through. If you have trouble finding the way to pack your columns, I can assist in getting through to well packed columns for long column lifetime.

The key is to find a methodology and packing liquid that will enhance the success rate in column packing and the understanding to why and how.

#2 Process design

I can make you understand your challenges in process development and manufacturing scale to design the process till economic and functional design for reproduceable batch to batch high quality.

#3 Equipment design

Together with process design it is also necessary to understand the technical challenges especially in large scale manufacturing.

The equipment must be designed to fully meet the expectations for the process. I have tools and knowledge to enhance your equipment and also add high quality to your decision process in what type of equipment to use and how.

#4 Validation / Qualification

I can assist in all types of qualification and validation issues from URS to qualified equipment for commercial use.

  • Risk assessment of processes and process steps
  • Equipment qualification
  • Process validation
  • Membrane and resin lifetime validation

It can be all from planning till performing or just supervise the validation process.

#5 Trouble shooting

Technical trouble shooting is the most common tasks for me.

It can be column packing issues as well as issues with all other technical operations.

#6 UNICORN programming

I am an expert in UNICORN programming for both Chromatography and Tangential Flow Filtration.

In this area I either teach in programming or create programs. Preferably both in combination to ensure both program functionality and better programming knowledge.

#7 EXCEL tools

I also program in VBA (visual basic for applications) for many sorts of EXCEL applications.

Apart from the commercial tools I already provide I can off course build tools for your dedicated needs and for your exclusive rights.

#8 Courses in DSP

See area Courses for a comprehensive description of my palette of courses all through Downstream Processing.