Tool Boxes

The tool boxes below are created in EXCEL and are programmed in VBA.

I also build tools like this for your needs in all from technical development to LIMS like applications. All validatable with Validation protocols.


#1 Process dimensioning

A process consists of a number of steps.

This tool will give the possibility to have control over the full process also as any change of any step will have impact on all following steps.

Input data will not only control the process itself but also buffer creation and bill of materials for the full upstream and downstream process.

#2 Correct buffer preparation

This tool will convert a buffer recipe from molar concentrations to percentage wheight concentration also managing to control the recipe with correct buffer density.

The conversion is needed for correct buffer preparation in large scale operations where all buffer preparations are made by weighing in all components till correct concentration, conductivity and pH.

#3 Column packing guidance

This tool will guide how to choose column for a specific resin and how to pack and test the combination chosen.

#4 Cost of Goods calculation

This tool has been used for designing large manufacturing facilities and is an extension of the tool "Process design".

COGs take into consideration all costs included as staff to facility, processing, QC, QA, procurement, power, ventilation ...

#5 Chromatography and TFF optimization

This tool looks into each unit operation individually and performs a cost optimization for a manufacturing task as for instance a chromatography step. It is based on a previous tool called Prosim I developed in mid-1990 and this tool uses the built-in iterative tool Solver in EXCEL. The tool Prosim no longer exist but was in several aspects very similar to this tool that is based on scientifically algorithms for both chromatography and cross flow filtration.

#6 Databases

This is not only one single tool but several of tools that can be used to enhance operations in many ways.

I have tools like LIMS and tools for unit operations, document control, buffer preparation, column packing and more.